Spring Break

After a snowy start to our (ahem) Spring Break, Q and I travelled south to spend the week in Maryland.    We started off with dinner at Grams\’ house with Ben and Aunt Pammy.

On every trip, we say we should take Quinn on the Metro and go to the Air & Space Museum.  Well we finally did it.  The metro ride was the highlight of the day!

On Thursday Quinn and I checked out this indoor playground.  This company sells all these swing sets and has open play during the week.  Fun!

We stayed an extra day so we could spend a day with our very good friends Stacey and Sullivan.  Quinn was so excited to go to Sullivan\’s house and was disappointed when we couldn\’t spend the night.   And Sullivan is just wonderful with Quinn.  In fact Sullivan wrote, directed and produced this awesome video with Quinn.  Just in case you missed it on FB.

Then it was back home to Papa on Saturday.  When we were at the indoor playground in Maryland I noticed that Quinn has learned how to really pump his legs to get swinging.  And then Don taught him how to jump off the swing and do some other fun tricks too.

On Sunday we went over to the Mirzwa\’s for lunch and an Easter Egg hunt.  Fun day, good friends!

A week well spent!

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