8 Tuff Miles

If you know Don once he sets a goal he is bound to achieve it. When we booked our trip to STJ in November he registered for the 8 Tuff Mile race.

8 Tuff Miles isn\’t just 8 miles. It\’s 8+ miles up and over the rock that is STJ. Almost 1000 ft of elevation from sea level to sea level, Cruz Bay to Coral Bay.

We drove the course and worked out our plan for race day. A 6:30 am start from our villa after a good carb load. Race time was 7:15 am and looking strong!

Almost 1,500 people registered for the race with many local island runners and runners from all over the world. Runners and walkers are all encouraged to participate.

There is only one road that connects the start and finish and it is closed for several hours during the race so Q and I hightailed it to the finish line. Although I had to stop and get a pic of a deserted Trunk Bay at 7am. Bliss.

Don estimated his finish at 1:45 minutes, give or take 20 minutes, so I stayed on alert. I was very excited to see him running towards the finish line on the earlier side of his goal time.

(See those mountains in the background? Yep, he ran up and over them.)

And the bottle opener finishing medal is classic island style.

And the official time 1:23:56. He finished in 308th place. 34th place for his age category and a 10:01 pace mile.

We waited for the road to open and then it was time for hydration and down time at the villa.

We joined in the after party later in the afternoon. Don\’s wearing his yellow finishers jersey.

Another great STJ day to remember and another goal accomplished.

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