This Big Guy

On Monday I had a Parent/Teacher Conference at Sundance with Quinn\’s teachers.  His \”anchor teacher\” Ms. Kate stays with the class throughout the day as the kids go to different classrooms.  His other core teachers are Ms. Denise for Language Arts and Ms. Liz for Math (aka Wizard Room).  

The three of them had so many positive things to say about Quinn.  Kind, enthusiastic, helpful, happy, etc, etc.  They absolutely love him!  And who wouldn\’t?  And he is doing so well and has made big improvements in all his classes.   They consider him ready for Sundance Kindergarden (where he will go next year).
He has also become much more social and usually pals up with his little buddies Aidan and Micah (you might remember that the three of them were mice in the last Sundance production).  
Don and I know that we chose the right school for Quinn and it\’s wonderful to see him flourishing.

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