Star Wars, Nothing but Star Wars

I know I haven\’t posted in a while.  Sometimes those little things get in the way.  Like the stomach virus that ran through our house and hit each of us on a different day.   Quinn on Friday, Amy on Monday, and Don on Tuesday.  For Don and I it was more of a sleeping virus.  I think we may have slept 20 hours out of 24 and still felt exhausted.

It\’s been quite a sick January and February in our house.  I think we may need some sun and rum!
Quinn is really in to Star Wars these days.  We got him a Star Wars Character Encyclopedia for Christmas and that is his favorite bed time reading.  Lately he\’s been bugging us for LEGO Jabba\’s  Palace.  Really?
We waited until he brought it up again and again.  So many times he asks for something, plays with it for 5 minutes, and doesn\’t pick it up again.  We were finally convinced.
We all agreed that Quinn would fill a Rubbermaid bin with toys to donate in return for Jabba\’s Palace.
I ordered the set from Amazon and it was scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday.  Quinn must have checked the door every ten minutes on Tuesday until it arrived.
Oh Happy Boy!
Did you notice that it\’s for ages 9 – 14 and has 717 pieces?  8 separate bags of little Lego pieces!  We got right to work.  I helped guide Quinn through each step but he\’s a pretty good Lego putter-togetherer.    We did a couple of bags at a time and took frequent breaks.  Then Quinn would ask if we could work on the next bag.  We finished up after dinner.  
I have to admit it is pretty cool.  Lots of moving parts and pieces.  Even a Han Solo trapped in carbonite.  

Quinn has a great imagination and likes to play with the characters.  But it\’s \”just pretend\” he says.  
We\’ve decided it\’s probably time to watch the first movie.  Star Wars, Nothing but Star Wars!!

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