Around Here

We have been returning back to normal post Hurricane Sandy.   This is a recap of our last couple of weeks to bring the blog up to date.

This is the day after Sandy and what most of the town looked like.  90% of Westfield lost power, over 70 houses sustained major damage from trees, and 10 homes were condemned.  Although it\’s a pain to not have power for 8 days, we knew we were still lucky.

Tuesday morning:

Don and I made the decision that I would drive to mom\’s Wednesday morning until the power came back on.  The house was 59 degrees when I left.  This is Central Ave which is the major road out of Westfield.  This road was closed for a good 2 weeks post Sandy.

Don stayed home and held down the fort.  Here he is having breakfast by headlamp light.

We celebrated Pam\’s birthday while we were in Maryland.  Don even drove down for the weekend for a little comfort and warmth.

Quinn got some new Lego vehicles.  It\’s a small box of legos that can be made in to 3 different vehicles.  I was impressed that Quinn was able to put these together (mostly) himself by following the 36 step directions.  It\’s great for his fine motor skills.

We loved being at mom\’s and Quinn just settles right in.   It\’s  home away from home for us.  I had many friends who stayed in their homes in NJ so I was able to get reports from them.  Facebook turned in to a great communication device during the storm.

Monday night a friend was driving home and she noticed power in the neighborhood.  She kindly drove by our house and texted me this image.  Wahooooo!!

I was happy to get home on Tuesday because it was election day!

Quinn went back to school the following Monday and life got back to normal.  Sunday was the last day a dinosaur exhibit was open this season.  It\’s a park filled with life sized dinosaurs that move and make noises.  It was a hit!

So that is what\’s been going on around here.  I think we are mostly back to normal and getting ready for  Thanksgiving week!

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