Costume Parade

Today was Quinn\’s costume parade at school.  Each year the school picks a theme and this year\’s theme was \”This Land is Your Land\” so anything Americana.  About 75% of the kids follow the theme and the rest do their own thing, which is perfectly fine.

Last year we put alot of effort and hard work in to Quinn\’s costume and I think it showed.  This year we hit the \”buy\” button.  Nothing more american than a race car driver in his red, white, and blue costume.  He was one happy boy.

The kids march around the school for the other classes to see while the parents get busy blocking traffic.

The school is kind enough to give the parents the outdoor photo op.

And the indoor photo op.  Ms. Kate is on the far right in the scrubs, Mrs. A (Granny\’s daughter and art/science teacher last year) is Lady Liberty, and Quinn starts his day with Ms. Jaime the cowgirl on the far left.

Party time!

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