This Week

On the way home from school Monday Quinn declared an \”emergency\”.  We were passing a park that I knew could accomodate his needs so we made a quick pitstop.    The quick turned into an hour or more of playing on the playground.  Quinn made friends with some big kids who taught him how to climb on top of the monkey bars.  His weekly gymnastics class has really improved his strength and his skills.

Speaking of gymnastics, the twins are no longer in Quinn\’s class because they are in school on Thursdays.  However by coincidence one of Quinn\’s other Sundance buddies is in his gymnastics class.  Quinn and Aidan were in the same Sundance class last year too.  This year they both have the same lunchbox and are frequently having to switch.  The other day Quinn told me that he and Aidan were talking on their phones during lunch…Aidan with his banana and Quinn with his juice box.

Speaking of Sundance, this year Quinn is sharing so much about his day.  Repeating stories, singing songs, and relating what Ms. Kate has told them.  Wednesday on the way home from school Quinn showed me \”angry arms\” and \”thinking hands\”.

On Friday Quinn came home with a \”Reinforcement Pack\” which is basically Pre-K homework.  I know, Pre-K homework.   But, it\’s not mandatory or required and we can do with it as we wish.  Quinn relayed to me that if he turns it in on Friday that he will get a \”great job\” sticker.  And he is all about pleasing Ms. Kate.  It\’s about 4 pages of what I think will be pretty easy activities for Quinn.  The only thing he may not appreciate is tracing his name.  This year they are working on writing upper and lower case letters.

We are continuing our birthday celebrations this weekend.  A little bit of celebration for everyone in our family.  I\’ll leave you with Quinn and Don singing me happy birthday on Sunday.

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