Happy Birthday Don!

I would have blogged about Don\’s birthday when it happened but the birthday celebrations started early and lasted through the week…cause that\’s how we roll.

For some reason Don and I get our important dates messed up.  I believe it was our first wedding anniversary that Mom had to correct us on the actual anniversary date.  This year we thought Don\’s birthday fell on a Tuesday, which was actually 9/11, and made plans for that day.  Don requested a trip to Pizzeria Uno\’s for a deep dish pizza and beer.  It wasn\’t until Monday that we realized that we got the day wrong but still went ahead with our celebration as planned.

Tuesday:  Pizza and Beer and Balloon Animals at Uno\’s

Wednesday:  Special home made dinner and gifts (and a nice greeting from Quinn)

 {Don requested yoga blocks for his birthday and Quinn is demonstrating how to use them in a downward dog position.}

Thursday:  A visit from Grams and Carrot Cake 

{admiring the Legos candles that Q picked out for his dad}

Saturday:  Adult Night Out while Grams stays with The Boy

{love his picture of my handsome man}

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