First Day of School

Quinn returned to Sundance for another year of preschool.  He will go M-W-F mornings this year.  He got a decent night\’s sleep but he hasn\’t had to wake up at 7:30 am since May.

As we were approaching the school, Quinn told me that he wanted to go in all by himself.  We talked about it some more and I mentioned that I would really like to take him in on his first day.  But he insisted.  I wanted his first day to be a happy one and I knew that he wouldn\’t be happy if I took him in.  We did a drive by of the drop-off area and I explained that he would go in with a teacher and he was very happy about this.  Really?  Is this the same kid that didn\’t want to leave my side last year?   So we pulled up in the drop off lane and he went happily off with one of the teachers.   At pick-up I got a great big hug and Miss Bess he said that was very happy and helpful all day.  We like a happy Quinn 🙂

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