Potty Talk

I think we can officially say we are done with diapers.

Both night and day.  No more diapers.  He hasn\’t had an accident since…I\’m not sure when.    Granted he will drop his shorts wherever we are and find a spot of grass or a tree to pee on.  Now that he knows what to do, we will work on the when and where to do it 😉  Yesterday he went in to the bathroom by himself and I realized he had been in there a while.  He was sitting on the toilet doing his #2 business as he would say \”all by myself!\”.    He\’s even done with the small potty.  He prefers the \”big potty\” (toilet).

Although we dabbled in potty learning earlier, I\’m happy we decided to wait until he was really ready.  It\’s been a fairly easy process for us all.  Same goes with breastfeeding.  I know many people (hi mom) thought he would still be nursing when I sent him off to college.  I thought weaning was going to be traumatic for all of us but turned out to be pretty easy.  We hope that we have the same easy transition when he\’s ready to move to his own bed.  

But for now, we relish in this accomplishment!

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