No More Mistakes

Quinn started swim lessons at our neighborhood pool on Monday.  The class runs Mon – Thurs for 2 weeks. It\’s great because we can walk to the pool.  We aren\’t loving the pool but it is convenient and we\’ll make the most of it this summer.

Did I mention he woke up at 4 am on Monday morning?  We got back from swim lessons and I asked Quinn to lie down with me.  His immediate reply is always \”But I\’m not tired!\”.  Bam, he was asleep in about 4 minutes flat and then slept for much too long.

After dinner we went out to burn some energy and get some ice cream.  Quinn\’s scoop of  chocolate ice cream was way too big so after he ate about half of it I asked him to take a couple more bites and then we were finished.  And then I did the unthinkable, I threw the cups away.  He wasn\’t mad that I threw away the unfinished ice cream, he was mad that I didn\’t let him throw the cups away.  It was a relentless \”I wanted to throw the cups away!\”(repeat, repeat, repeat).  I told him that I  made a mistake and now that I know that he likes to throw the cups away I would let him do it next time.  Ha!!  That\’s all I heard for the rest of the night.  \”Mama, you can\’t make any more mistakes!\”  As a matter of fact as I was typing up this post he reminded me not to make any more mistakes.   Thank you little man.

I guess this is a sugar blog post.  Today Quinn asked for a lollipop and I obliged.  I remembered I had a melted and refrozen ice cream bar in the freezer and decided to oblige myself.  As soon I opened it up Quinn piped up and said \”Let\’s switch!\”.    We shared 🙂

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