Fourth of July!!

We had a fun filled Fourth of July that started with a couple of hours at the Westfield Pool.  Quinn really enjoys swimming and will belly flop off the side of the pool and swim to us over and over again.   Don has been encouraging him to use his arms but he likes to keep them by his side and use his legs as his only propulsion.  We\’re happy that he\’s happy in the water and I\’m sure his swimming skills will continue to improve over the summer.

On the way home from the pool we went for a drive to encourage Quinn to take an afternoon nap. Success!  While he was sleeping we ran by the park in Cranford where we planned to see the fireworks.  Don jumped out and set up our area with beach chairs and a blanket.

We returned to Cranford around 6:30 pm and took in the very small town festivities.  The slides…

and obstacle course….

and the train ride.

Don set us up perfectly right next to the lake.  There was no room in front of us for people to sit so we had a clear view of the fireworks that were being shot off on the other side of the lake.

How many fingers am I holding up?

This was Quinn\’s first time seeing fireworks.  He was pretty excited at first but got bored quickly.  Regardless it was a great night out.

Happy Fourth and Happy Birthday Ross!

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