Back to the Beach

We\’ve only been home from St. John for less than 2 weeks and Quinn has already been asking to go back to the beach.  I looked at the weather forecast and our plans for the week and decided that Monday was as good as any to have a beach day.  We left the house around 1 pm so that if Quinn wanted to nap it would still be early enough in the day.  He did nap and all was well.

A friend told me about Seven Presidents Beach Park in Long Branch and it turned out to be great.  There\’s a really nice playground right next the beach.  This little boy, Zach, wanted so badly to play with Quinn but Quinn really just likes to do his own thing.  As you can see Quinn is still rocking his red shoe, orange shoe look.  It\’s become a requirement for him.

After a good 30 minutes on the playground we headed for the beach.

First things first, his favorite bulldozer making roads.

There were some young teen boys boogie boarding and playing football in the ocean (brrrrr!!!).  Quinn kept trying to join in and wading a little too far (for my comfort) in to the ocean.  The waves were pretty big and strong and not quite like Maho Bay.

Watermelon Break.

There were quite a few people at the beach when we arrived but almost empty by 5 pm — just the birds.  Quinn had a great time chasing birds, digging and rolling in the sand, splashing in the puddles, and wading in the ocean.

I convinced him to leave (and not stop at the playground) by offering up an ice cream cone.  This looks right up his alley and it\’s all natural homemade ice cream.

I asked him what kind he wanted and he said Chocolate!  I tried to convince him to go with a cookies & cream chocolate but he said \”I want the black chocolate\”.  I think the Grams dark chocolate gene skipped a generation and landed firmly with Q.

I\’m looking forward to alot more days like this over the next couple of months.

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