658 Pictures

We left St. John Saturday morning on the 8:45 am ferry to St. Thomas to catch our 12:45 pm flight home.  We made it home without a hitch and enjoyed a great big pizza for dinner.  We had such a great time in St. John and unlike the last 2 years, we were not ready to come home this year.  I think we all could have stayed another couple of weeks (or years).  The weather was great, we very much enjoyed the beaches and snorkeling, had a great time at our rental house with the pool, and had alot of good food and drink.  And it all involved lots of R&R.

As the blog title says, I took 658 pictures.  I\’ve downloaded all the images and need to spend some time culling through them.  I just picked one at random to start it off.   This was our second to last day at Francis Bay.  While Don was out snorkeling, Quinn and I built this sandcastle.  Upon Don\’s return, I went snorkeling and Don doubled the size of the sandcastle.  One great day in paradise.

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