We were lucky to spend a couple of hours with Don\’s brother Brad while he was in NYC.  During our short visit, Brad mentioned that he had started geocaching.  Don and I had both heard about it before but didn\’t know too much about it.  By the end of our visit with Brad, Don had downloaded the geocache app to his iphone and the madness has begun.  If you\’re not familiar with geocaching…

Yes, we\’re officially hooked.  A geocache can be a big box, a tupperware container, or a micro about the size of a film canister.  They always have a log to sign your name and date.  The larger ones have \’toys\’ where you are encouraged to take something with you and to leave something behind.  On our iphones we can update our logs to show where we\’ve been.  Everywhere we go we need to look to see if there\’s a geocache.  And we\’ve already checking out all the ones on St. John.

Here\’s Don\’s first find.  We were at Quinn\’s school waiting for his big performance.  Don checked and found a geocache nearby so off he went.  He made it back just in time.

Here\’s our first family find at a local park, Tamaques.  We had to walk through the woods and a stream to find it but we did!

Don, Barbara, and Quinn found 3 separate geocaches at The Great Swamp.

And then Don and I went on a geocache hunt after dinner on Friday night in Westfield.

While Don took care of business, I got this great shot of the Westfield Clio from the Koreans Vet War Memorial statue.

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