Sundance Spring Performance

On Thursday Quinn\’s class had their Spring Performance at Sundance School.  They performed the story of Billy Goat Gruff and Quinn played the biggest billy goat of them all!  Here\’s a 20 minute video of the performance.  Quinn enters stage at about 8:30 if you want to jump to that point.

Here are some still shots from the performance.  Here he is as the biggest billy goat on the bridge with Lila.  Lila\’s mom says that she talks about Quinn all the time at home.

Quinn and Lila doing their dance.  Behind Quinn is the assistant teacher in his classroom, Miss Sonja.

Miss Bunny giving Quinn a helping hand.

After the 3 classes do their performance, they get together to sing a couple of songs.  I think Quinn\’s having fun.  He seemed to know most of the words and sing along.  And see that little girl with the red headband right next to Quinn?  We saw her at a park in Westfield on Monday and I thought she looked familiar.  She and Quinn saw each other at the park but never really acknowledged each other.  Then I saw her after the performance and realized she is in Quinn\’s class!

The parents were invited to sit on the rugs near the front of the stage.  This is the moment that Quinn saw me and realized that I was in the audience.

My heart is full with love and pride for my little man!!

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