Coney Island

After we dropped off Brad at the airport on Sunday, we headed to Coney Island for a little fun.  The weather could not have been nicer to enjoy the day walking the boardwalk.   
As soon as we got there Quinn started asking to go to the beach.  We weren\’t really beach prepared but he and I went and played in the sand a little bit while Don and Mae checked out the sights on the boardwalk.  In this picture you can see the Wonder Wheel in the background.  It\’s an iconic site.  

There were lots of people laying out in the sun and Quinn thought he should do the same.  He is a funny boy!!

Probably my favorite image from the day.

The only way to get Quinn off of the beach was to offer up some rides.  He took the deal 🙂

They have a small roller coaster and Quinn was pretty excited to ride it with Don.  I think we were all a little worried about how he would handle it but he thought it was pretty great.

We had one last ticket to burn and Quinn decided on the monster trucks.   He\’s in the green truck honking the horn.

We ended our day with a cold beer and some crappy Coney Island food before heading home.  A fun way to celebrate Mother\’s Day!

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