Earth Day Celebration

On Saturday we went to Morristown NJ to join in an Earth Day Celebration.  We knew we were in the right place when we saw this menu.  $2 Veggie Burgers!  We had veggie burgers for lunch and vegan doughnuts for dessert.  Yum!

There was so much stuff for kids to do.  Quinn wanted to climb a rock wall but he was 2 pounds short of the weight requirement of 40 pounds.  (This post made me think about Quinn\’s size.  Quinn is about 43\” tall and weighs 38 pounds.  Based on the CDC growth charts, he is as tall as an average 5 year old boy.  His weight is about average for a 3 year old boy.)  But, I digress.  Lots of stuff for Q to do.

Like coloring


And getting a red frog tattoo on his hand (he declined the face painting 🙂

Decorate a wood necklace.  Yes, our boy loves his necklaces.

Decorating a rock.

And watching a reptile show.

Don and Q were a couple of steps ahead of me but Don and I had visual contact.  Don jumped in to the porta potty for a second before we left.  He told Q to stand right there and hold on to the metal handle.  It\’s funny how that works so well.  

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