Random Thoughts

My guys made it home safe and sound with no delays.  It was great to give them both a big hug.  Quinn seemed to have had a great time and it didn\’t seem like he missed me that much, really.  When we got home  Don asked for time to go soak in the tub and have some Don time.  Of course Quinn wanted to take a bath with Don.  I told him that Papa needed some \”Papa Time\”.  And Quinn said \”No, Papa needs some Papa and Quinn time\”.  Oh the things he says these days.

Later I was looking through a magazine and he said \”mama, that looks like you\”.

If only!!  But oh do I love that boy 🙂

They both hit the sack early with Quinn falling asleep in my lap.  He\’ll sleep with us tonight (for me) and then back to his own bed tomorrow (which is going surprisingly well).

I was pretty worthless this weekend although I got some stuff accomplished.  I enjoyed my time alone but happier when our little family is together.

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