Adventure Aquarium

We took a drive south down the NJ Turnpike to visit the Adventure Aquarium in lovely Camden, NJ.  We got our tickets and rushed in to see the 4-D screening of Diego & Dora.  We had seen it previously at the Bronx Zoo but Quinn could watch it many times over.  This go around he left his glasses on for the whole movie and was reaching out to grab some of the 3-D objects floating our way.

 The aquarium is very kid-centric and there were alot of areas to touch the animals and get your hands wet.  This exhibit had little nurse sharks.  Most of them were sleeping but Quinn wasn\’t crazy about touching them anyways (although he\’s always up for splashing).

 There was a large tank with turtles, sharks and rays.

 In Stingray Beach Club you could reach down and touch the baby rays.  Again, Quinn took a pass.

What did Quinn not take a pass on?  Turning this penny souvenir machine every time he saw one.  Which was like every 50 feet.  This was definitely his favorite part of the aquarium.  

 My favorite part was the hippos and their underwater dancing.  I could have sat and watched them forever.  There were 2 in this tank.

 Quinn touched a starfish!  I\’m not sure why that lobster in the background is BLUE!  I know they are typically blueish but this one is crazy.

As vegetarians and animals lovers we really wonder if zoos and aquariums are right for our family.  I can appreciate that zoos provide education on animal conservation but what a horrible life these critters must have living in small tanks being touched by humans all day long.  I guess we\’ll see where these thoughts take us the next time we consider a trip to the zoo.

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