Bedroom Makeover

When Don and I first saw our house in NJ we loved almost everything about it.  We seemed to share a similar contemporary style with the previous owners so we immediately felt comfortable in our house.  One thing I was never happy with was the mustard color of the master bedroom and the avocado color in the master bath.  In the bath even the ceiling was painted green so it had a dark, cave-like quality to it.  I finally got around to making some changes and am pretty happy with the results.

Here\’s our bedroom before.

And here is the after.

I really love the softer, quieter colors.  I was inspired by the colors in the duvet cover from West Elm.  From there I picked the paint color.  The art work above the bed is from a Seattle artist who I found on  The art is a photograph of a rocky beach, Golden Gardens, in Seattle.   I love the non-matching lucite lamps from Target.  I also found the curtains at Target — I only had to go to 4 Target stores to find 3 sets.

In the first picture you can see a peak in to the bathroom.  It\’s painted a grayish blue to accent the colors in the bedroom.  And there you have it.  Our bedroom makeover.

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