Ham and more Ham

On Saturday we started off our day at Starbucks with some coffee and vanilla milk.  Quinn\’s skin is healing very quickly and his big fall is fading in to memory.

After Starbucks we headed to Edison NJ which has a very large Indian community.  Joel Stein wrote an interesting article in Times magazine about the area.    We stocked up on Mango Pickles and papadums at Patel\’s Cash and Carry and then headed to lunch.  We were in the mood for some dosa\’s which are like the indian version of burritos but are usually stuffed with spicy potatoes and veggies and are about a foot long.   I found this stock picture of a dosa.

So we find a little restaurant that appears to also be vegetarian.  There are no descriptions on the menu so we had to wing it with our order.  We all get our food.  Don\’s isn\’t quite as he expected but it was delicious and he ate it.  Just as we were finishing, they brought out Don\’s lunch and it was about 2x the size of the dosa pictured above.  We couldn\’t help but laugh.  Don got it boxed up to take home.

It reminded us of the time we were in France and we went to a highly recommended wine \’library\’ for lunch.  Our waitress didn\’t speak English (quite rare) and didn\’t seem interested in accommodating our questions.    So we order our appetizers and lunch.  I get my appetizer and it was a big plate of thinly sliced cured ham — bingo — that\’s what I wanted to order.   Then we get our lunch and — not so bingo — I get another plate of thinly sliced cured ham.

Our life of adventure!

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