Quinn and Teddy

Quinn and I went to visit our friends Erin, Teddy, and baby Ansel on Tuesday afternoon after school.  Teddy is about a month younger than Quinn and is very sweet little boy.  It\’s funny because Quinn is so much bigger than Teddy in every way but Teddy\’s verbal skills are beyond advanced and he\’s a very thoughtful little guy.  You know how brilliant we think our boy is but he sounds a little bit like a caveman next to Teddy.   Quinn is still the most perfect little boy!

We had a little bit of nice weather so we headed outside to walk down to the playground.  Quinn wanted to climb in this tree as soon as he laid eyes on it.

 Erin had some yellow crocuses coming up in her yard.  Here are the boys giving them a closer look (my focus is off, but the picture is too cute).

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