Play Day

We\’ve had more days at home recently with Quinn being sick.  The school doesn\’t want you to send your kiddo to school if they have a persistent cough and Quinn has had a pretty mean cough.  He\’s been pretty happy and seems to feel ok, but the cough is hanging in there.

We have a big spool of bright blue yarn that Quinn loves to unwind all over the house, up the stairs, around the corner, etc.  On Tuesday he wrapped the yarn around a couple of kitchen cabinets and asked me if I would get in the choo choo train with him.   We found a round colander as his wheel and a cuisinart part as his whistle.  It was quite a contraption.  Here we are chugging along….

Then we started digging deeper in to the cabinets and he found the salad spinner.  I explained to him what it was used for so he added some balls and puzzle pieces to spin around.

But he really wanted some salad to spin.  He was thrilled when I produced a small bag of spinach to spin.  Wahoo!

Now he takes it upon himself to pull out the spinner on a daily basis and grab a huge box of spinach begging me to open it.  Not sure where he learned this but he will say \’please, please, please\’.

That reminds me of one of Quinn\’s favorite phrases right now \”I eat it, but I don\’t like it\”.  I crack up every time.  Again, not sure where he learned that phrase.

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