Our home has been full of shenanigans lately.  You know, like climbing up the stairs on the outside of the banister.  I think in the above definition, 2b applies to our household.  Quinn can\’t be left alone for too long because he really likes to get in to stuff and destroy.  And he\’s getting bolder.  
Last night we were watching TV and Quinn climbed on to the kitchen island and put on my sunglasses.  Pretty harmless because we caught him early.  

Here\’s Don getting in on the shenanigans too.  Quinn beckoned Don to come ride his horse with him.

And it wouldn\’t be complete without a topple off the horse.  I don\’t know if you can see it in the picture below, but Quinn has a huge hole in his shirt where he took his scissors to his shirt.  Shenanigans.

 On Wednesday our kitchen barstool went missing.  I found it in Quinn\’s playroom.  It looks like he was pulling everything out of the closet and needed the stool to get to the high shelves.  He normally just climbs up the drawers to get to the higher shelves.   How did that barstool get upstairs?  It was a Wednesday so Marlini was watching him.

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