Snowy Snowy Day

We woke up to fresh blanket of snow and the snow was still coming down.  We started our morning routine as usual — sitting on the chair in the bedroom under a blanket until Quinn was ready to start moving.  As you can see, he\’s not too happy that I started moving.  After this picture I sat back down with him and we had more cuddle time.

He had a morning meltdown over hot chocolate.  I think I removed the spoon from the cup so he could add the whipped cream and that was all she wrote!  After we both recovered, we headed outside to shovel the driveway and play in the snow.  Quinn *loves* to shovel and even has his own little shovel.  He\’s a very useful little engine.

After shoveling, I filled up a spray bottle and a squirt bottle with colored water and we started making our snow a little more colorful.

Check out our blue snowman with orange highlights.  Awesome!

After lunch I made a big pot of Minestrone.  Quinn loves to help in the kitchen and I\’ve just recently started to let him help me at the stove.  Here he was helping me stir the soup.  Marlini was here today so she snapped this photo.  As much as I hate pictures of myself, I\’m making an effort to get more pictures of us together.

While the soup was cooking, we spent some time in his new playhouse.  This was a Christmas gift from Grams and is getting quite a bit of use and abuse.  We got in the playhouse (actually he calls it a castle) and I asked him to go get the camera.  He loves doing tasks for us.

Another ordinary-extraordinary day at The White House.

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