Happy Birthday to Me :)

**This was supposed to be posted yesterday, so backdate it one day for me please :)**
I got up early this morning and saw Don off to work.  Quinn is still sleeping so the house is quiet and I’m having a couple of hours to myself.  I was thinking back to birthday’s past and thought I would look for pictures from previous birthdays.
My 9 months of pregnancy were some of the happiest of my life.  The amazing feeling of the little baby growing inside me.  On my birthday in 2007 I had already been on bedrest for 4+ weeks with a kitchen and two bathrooms being demolished.  Barbara answered our emergency rescue call and took care of us for the first couple of weeks and then my mom came for the next couple of weeks.  We decided to take a risk and get me out of the house for my birthday.  I think it was my first time out for quite some time, other than visits to the doctor.  Looking back at those innocent faces, we had no idea how our lives were about to change.   Remember this great backyard in California?
In 2008 we decided to risk taking our 11 month old Mighty Quinn out to dinner with us at a great French-Korean restaurant in Seattle.  I remember blogging about our dinner out.   Quinn eating kim chee was quite a treat for us, although I know he would turn his nose up to it now.  What happened to that very agreeable little man?  We had only been living in Seattle for about 6 months and had already gotten the news that we would probably be moving again.  I remember that we put all that aside that night and had a really fun night out in one of Seattle’s funky neighborhoods and enjoyed some really great, unique food. 
Hmmm..wish I could remember my birthday last year but I’m sure it was great!  This is how our little man looked on my birthday 🙂
I meant to take a picture of Quinn and I on my birthday but I never made it happen.  We got a babysitter so Don and I could enjoy a dinner out at our favorite local restaurant A Toute Heurre.  It was a nice evening out and we came home to a sleeping baby.  Happy Birthday Mama! 

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