Blueberry Picking

After being away from home for two weeks, Quinn and I hung around the house for most of the week enjoying being home. Today we decided to venture out and go blueberry picking with my friend Alison and her family. You probably remember her adorable son, Fraser, from this post. Fraser and Quinn have become good buddies and have great fun playing together. Alison also brought along her husband Damani and 3 month old baby girl Jasmine. The blueberry farm was about an hours drive, but we enjoyed a beautiful 75 degree day and lots of organic blueberries just waiting to be picked.

The farm has a small area with goats, sheep, and pea hens. We went to check them out, but Quinn wanted to go \”over there\”. I wonder what he\’s pointing to?

Aha! What boy can resist riding on a big red tractor?

Honk! Honk!

Then we were off to pick blueberries. Quinn didn\’t have much patience to pick blueberries and this was my view most of the time. Quinn running down the rows of blueberry bushes!

A little game of peek-a-boo that Quinn found very entertaining.

Both Quinn and Fraser were getting pretty bored with the blueberry picking so I gave them a ride around the farm in the wagon. Cutie pies!!

Alison has turned us on to a YouTube video that Fraser loves about the Mars Rover. Quinn has now become quite a fan and both boys were playing with their stick and pine cone rockets. Here\’s Quinn flying his rocket around the farm.

I couldn\’t finish this post without a picture of the adorable Miss Jasmine. She is such a happy little girl always ready to share a smile.

We came home with several pounds a blueberries and memories of a great day!

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