La Purísima Concepción

It\’s California Mission time.  
Each 4th grader picks a California mission and writes a report on their chosen mission.  Then they have to create a replica or diorama of the mission.  In previous years this was a project done at home but Quinn\’s teacher was tired of grading the parents work 😀
So this year the missions were 100% student completed during school.  I asked Quinn if he needed any supplies for his mission and he said \”I\’m an Odyssey Kid, I can make my own stuff\”.  Love this attitude!!
Presenting La Purísima Concepción!

Quinn thought he should wear his space pants on mission day.  Space Mission?  Did I mention Quinn got a 99 on his mission project. 

It\’s Robot Fighting Time

Our family loves BattleBots.    It\’s a show with fighting robots and it\’s so much fun. 

Last season the show was filmed in Las Vegas which is close enough for us.  So I\’ve had my eye out for tickets for the new season.  And lucky us, they filmed the 2018 season in Long Beach.    We got our tickets and invited the Conrath\’s to go with us. 

They were very strict about no pictures but I discreetly snapped a couple.  There are 2 commentators on the show and we are in the background of all of their shots so we will make it on TV. 

The arena where the battles take place.   We saw some pretty destructive battles with flames, sparks, fires, and metal flying everywhere. 

Here\’s the video for the new season.  We had so much fun at the filming of the show and can\’t wait to watch the new season. 


After getting back from LA, we had a family swim Sunday night.  The pool was only about 85 degrees so my thin-blooded self worked my way towards the hot tub.  
But getting out of the pool I slipped and extended my left arm to catch my fall.  As I hit the side of the pool I heard a pop and felt tremendous pain in my wrist.  It didn\’t swell or bruise too bad so I decided no bones were broken.  But it hurt like a you-know-what.  
By Tuesday I decided to see my dr.  She examined my wrist and said it probably wasn\’t broken, but did x-rays, put on a wrist support, and sent me on my way. 

She called later and said the X-rays showed a fracture.  I was able to get an appointment with the orthopedic dr for that afternoon. 

In the meantime, I got Quinn from school and we went to the orthodontist. 

My xray.  The fracture is the horizontal white line right above the arrow on the bone.  You can also see that the bone buckled a little bit on the side with the piece pointing out.  

They sent me to the Cast Room where I had my choice of sleeve color and cast color.  And did I want glitter?  I was thrown off by all these choices but of course I settled on blue.  They change the cast every 2 weeks so I will be better prepared next time.  But this is my life for the next 6 weeks. 

Every Night

This is the new normal every night. 

ps….we are going mattress shopping this weekend so Quinn can pick out a nice soft mattress.  We will put a double bed in his room and take out the twin bed and the air mattress.  It will be interesting to see where these guys end up sleeping.  You can\’t see it, but Sonic\’s dog bed is at the foot of the air mattress.  Dog beds are for suckers. 

Night Out in DTLA

After all our guests left, we shipped Quinn off to a friends house and went to Downtown LA for dinner, comedy, and a fun night out.

We stayed in a hotel where we could walk to all our destinations.  First stop was dinner at the Perch.  You can see the trees and umbrellas on top of the building straight ahead.

And a look down from the restaurant to where I took the picture.

We had a great table and a nice view.

We went to an 8 pm show of the comedian Anthony Jeselnik.

We got there a little bit early so we went to the roof top bar for a glass of wine before the show.

Hanging out with the hip, young crowd.

A look up.  The bar and comedy show were in the Ace Hotel which was previously the United Artist building built in 1927.

A view across the city.

The lowlight of the night was the comedy show but we sure did enjoy our night out!

Week with Danielle

I was so happy that Danielle was able to get to visit without the boys.  It gave us a chance to have some nice girl time.
We started the week with a couple of nights in Laguna Beach.  I love this hotel right on the water.  So peaceful.  

A walk down the beach before dinner.  Lots of selfies in this post 🙂

Not a bad view waiting for dinner sipping on a glass of wine.  

A view down the beach the next morning.  Love this place!

Danielle\’s brother, wife, and 2 year old daughter live in San Diego so they drove up and spent the night.  It was great to spend some time with them.   And Ava is the cutest little thing. 

An iconic spot in Laguna.

Before we left Monday morning the dolphins spent some time feeding right in front of the hotel. 

Dolphins in Laguna from amy white on Vimeo.

One last pic before we leave.  

Tuesday we went downtown LA to The Broad museum.  It\’s such a fun place.  

There is a really cool art exhibit called Infinity of Lights (or something like that) which you sign up for a timed entry.  Then you enter this room and get a very cool infinity of lights show for 45 seconds.  It\’s just enough to leave you wanting more. 

On Wednesday we took it easy.  We made some green smoothies and then floated in the 90 degree pool.  Ahhhh!

Before dinner we took a walk up the fire road as the sun was setting. 

Danielle wanted one more beach day so we went down to Malibu, with our first stop Malibu Seafood.  

It was pretty cloudy and cool so we decided to go to Malibu Country Mart.  It sounds very country-ish but it\’s full of high end stores selling size zero clothes.  As we walked by a men\’s store Danielle thought she saw someone from the show Grey\’s Anatomy.  And sure enough it was McDreamy.  And he looked pretty dreamy.  It made our day.

The clouds started to burn off so we went down to the beach and of course one more selfie.  What a great week!

Easter Egg Hunt with Grandpa & Grandma

{I am a bit behind on my blogging but will try and get you caught up with pictures and stories}

We were lucky to get to spend a couple of days with Grandpa Corky and Grandma Meg before Easter.   They just wanted to hang out and relax so we enjoyed swimming in the pool, going out to dinner, etc. 

Because I was going to be gone on Easter morning, we decided to set up a bit of a scavenger Easter egg hunt for Quinn on Friday morning.  How ironic that he decided to wear his Christmas pajamas the night before.

We put the first egg right outside his door and it said something like \”Grandma Meg called and asked I could visit a couple of days early.  See Grandma Meg for your first clue. Signed EB\”.    It took Quinn probably 30 minutes once he came downstairs to bring this up with Meg.  Funny kid. 

But then it was off to the races.

\”I\’m green, have 2 wheels, and your dad really loves me.\”

Upstairs, downstairs….

…through the doggy door!

Every time he got a clue, he yelled \”Easta la Vista\” and went running off.  \”Easta la Vista\” was his play on \”Hasta La Vista\” which is spanish for \”see you later\”. 

His Easter basket was in his swinging chair in his nook. 

The Big Effort

Quinn had a very tough start to the 4th Grade.  In fairness,  he went from a very flexible, easy going 3rd grade teacher to a strict, high expectations 4th grade teacher.    
Quinn had been really struggling but something shifted in the past couple of months and you can almost see the growth happening minute by minute.  He is transforming right before our eyes.  
He\’s still the same funny, sweet kid we all love.  But now he\’s reading about quantum physics and explaining stuff to me that I have never heard of.  The Paradox of Shrodinger\’s Cat ring a bell?  Yeah, me neither.  
Quinn\’s 4th grade teacher knew he had it in him and expected him to perform at his full potential.  And he did and still is.  

But Quinn was most proud of this.   He was beaming when I pulled this out of his backpack.  One of the comments on Quinn\’s report card was \”Fractions are Quinn\’s Friend\”.  He has mastered the hell out of fractions.  And he\’s reading at even a higher level than when he started 4th grade. 

Quinn had asked to spend some allowance money on a drone so we had him do the research on Amazon and find a highly rated one.    We ordered it for him and then gifted it to him.  We don\’t like to \”bribe\” him to do well in school (or life) but rather give him freedoms and rewards for making good choices and doing his best.
So a little bit of fun for our Effort Honor Roll kid in the park with his buddy Dan.