Hello.  I\’m a pumpkin.  My name is Barrel.  The farmers call me this because I can 
fit 72 pickles in me.  Nobody chooses me because I\’m too big.  I\’m five feet tall.  
I\’ve been here for 20 years but I\’m still healthy.  Maybe it\’s because of all the 
nutrients in the pickles.  Bye!
By Quinn White

Fall Fun

We visited our local Underwood Farms with friends after school on Friday.  A great way to celebrate Fall, pumpkins, halloween, etc.  

As soon as Quinn got his entry stamp on his hand, he transferred it to his forehead.  \”I have a farm on my forehead!\”

These two probably spent 45 minutes having fun in the corn maze.  There is a huge haystack at the \”finish\”.  Probably so you can climb it and find your missing kids inside the maze.  Quinn has a corn leaf neckerchief. 

And then they spent the next 45 minutes climbing around this train. 

Quinn with his friend Dan, his older brother, and his friend.  They were plucking the leaves to feed to the goats. 

10th Birthday Party!

Quinn wanted to have a Nerf  birthday party at his taekwondo studio and it was a big hit with the boys.  We invited all the boys in his current class plus a handful of other friends.  
This was a bring-your-own-Nerf-gun party.  Master Ocampo setting the rules.  
Team Captain Quinn.  

Quinn\’s team for the first of many battles.  You can see Quinn\’s feet on his gun. 

After lots of battles they ended with a free-for-all battle. 

I\’m not sure if he\’s playing referee or shooting.

Of course Quinn had to break a board.  His friends couldn\’t believe that he broke it, and on his first attempt.  One tough birthday ninja. 

The very motley crew.   I think all of the boys had fun between the tears of getting hit or getting out or whatever boys cry about.   It was quite the mixed bag of emotions. 

A Nerf battle must have a Nerf cake!

They were told to sing as loudly as they can….and did they ever!

Ten Year Old Wishes!

The boys were begging for more Nerf battles but instead Master Ocampo did a push up battle.   I think they got up in the 50s.