A Glimpse of Oahu

Our house is in total upheaval with the floors going in so we are checking in to a local hotel for several nights.  

At our house today the downstairs floors are being grinded down which creates airborne silica dust which is known to cause serious lung issues.   So we are out of here.

But, I have tons of fun photos from our trip to Oahu.   We took a boat out for snorkeling and there was a naturalist/photographer on board who took this fun picture of Don and an 8-legged friend.

I will have many more photos next week.

Second Degree Blue Belt Testing

It\’s that time again.  Belt Testing for taekwondo.

For each belt, Quinn has to learn the philosophy about the belt and also remember the philosophies of the previous belts.  It\’s alot to remember and it\’s why Don has created flash cards for him.

Also with each new belt Quinn has to learn a new set of \”forms\” or a new routine.  With each belt the forms gets a little harder…and he has to remember the forms for all the previous belts.  So for this test he had to remember 5 forms, which is a total of 90 moves!!   Phew!

In the past we have practiced forms at home with Quinn but it\’s getting to be too much for all of us.  So Quinn has been attending both the yellow/green belt classes in additional to his blue belt class to help him remember all of the forms.   That\’s 90 minutes of forms practice.

Belt testing.  Quinn and the two boys, Daniel and Jack, practiced all their forms as warm up to testing.  Daniel is testing for his red belt and has been a great friend to Quinn in class.  Very positive and encouraging and funny!  They may get in trouble occasionally.

Quinn and Jack are the only blue belts at the Thousand Oaks TKD location so they stick together.  Jack is a funny little character and these two may get in trouble occasionally too.

Here\’s our tough guy breaking a board on his first try with an elbow strike.

Breaking Board – 2nd Degree Blue Belt Testing from amy white on Vimeo.

Belt presentation.  Jack wasn\’t there so it was just Quinn.

Looking back at when Quinn first started there were 13 kids in his class.  There are a couple that are still going to TKD but most have dropped out.  So proud of our kid for sticking to his Black Belt Goals.

This picture is from JUNE 2016.

Then Master Solstig asked Quinn to tell a joke.  \”The teacher asked me if I was Chewing Gum.  I said no, I\’m Quinn White.\”  It got some laughs.

Do your best move.


Palm to face.

High Five.  Master Stolsig encourages Quinn to push himself and that mistakes are ok.  But you have to try.

Quinn getting a lift from Hayden.

Master Stolsig with Quinn, Hayden, and Vivaan with their shiny new belts.

Master Ocampo.  Quinn is working on his Ocampo hair.

Our Sax Guy

Now that Quinn is in the 4th grade he can pick an instrument and join the school band.   The kids have a choice of 5 instruments and Quinn selected the saxophone!

He is so excited and plays a little bit every day.

Perfect with his side swept hair!

Before we picked up the sax, we worked with Quinn to draw up a contract.  We are renting the sax so we will see how he likes it.   He will practice with the other 4th graders twice a week at school.

Around the House

The current state of our family room.   Mess makes me stressed but I\’m coming to grips with it.

Morning vibes.

Family swim under a full moon.

Toast, nutella, and a good book.

Trying the double exposure setting on my camera.  I look angry but I\’m just confused.


I\’ve done the smoothie thing and the juice thing and I never really liked them.  Mainly because I was starving an hour later.

But I recently started making morning smoothie breakfasts that include protein, fat, fiber, and greens….and very little fruit.  Because of the fat and fiber, they keep you full until lunch.

The other day Don was expressing concern that Quinn doesn\’t eat enough breakfast before school so I decided to try morning smoothies.  Quinn thought it was a great idea and he loves them!

Here he is have a Blueberry Smoothie with blueberries, vanilla cinnamon protein powder, chia seeds, almond butter, cashew milk, and ZUCCHINI!

I told Quinn that we need to add veggies to each smoothie but that he wouldn\’t be able to taste the veggies.  And he agrees.  I\’m going to start experimenting with the veggies to see if I can get him to expand his repertoire.  Frozen cauliflower and spinach next.

Stairs, Now You See Them

Remember our back stairs into the kitchen?

They are no longer.  

We joked with Quinn that we can hang a hammock and make this his bedroom.  Of course he loved that idea and now wants this to be his Comic Book Making Room.  So we are looking for outside the box solutions for this space.  It has such great light.  We just need solutions for a room that is only 36\” wide.