More Homework with Sonic

Nothing like doing homework with your buddy.
One regular homework item is reading a story.  Each week they have a new story with spelling words, critical thinking questions, and just remembering the story.  Quinn reads it on the lap top….with Sonic.  

He has the story on the \”narrate\” function so that the story is read to him.  Listening to the story with his buddy.


We got about 7 inches of rain on Friday.  No complaints.  Despite all the rain we\’ve received, we are still in an \”exceptional\” drought status.   
So we are experiencing some new problems.  Like a pool that fills faster than it can drain.  I sent this picture to Don around 1:30 pm on Friday and suggested he might want to come home early to get our little pump set up.  The pool was pretty close to overflowing.  

It appears that our outdoor drains that run to the street are clogged.  Very clogged.  So Don spent most of Saturday doing this with an auger he rented from Home Depot.  

Adult Hike

On Sunday Quinn went to a friends house for the afternoon so Don, Sonic, and I went on a nice long hike.  It was our first warm, sunny day in a while and it was nice to get out.   We hiked 4+ miles and climbed the equivalent of 39 flights of stairs.  Phew!!
A look towards Simi Valley and a local, full reservoir.  

You might have seen this one on facebook. I love the way it turned out.

Around the House

Sometimes I can tell by the light flowing in to the house that there is a real show going on outside.  Walk out the front door at 6:30 am to this.  

In the evening it\’s the same thing.  We don\’t get much of a sunset view but on this day the setting sun was casting a beautiful color on the clouds above our house.

And this kid.  He makes us smile.

His class is going to the symphony in a couple of weeks for a field trip.  There will be about 300 third graders on this field trip.  And they are all learning a song to play on their recorder so they can play together!!  So far, Quinn has learned the notes B, A, and G.    I will make sure to record the recorders!


It\’s official, Quinn is a YouTuber!  Just call him ExtremeGamer992.

He\’s been asking for years to have his own YouTube channel so on Thursday I made his dreams come true.  Having a presence on YouTube is a slippery slope so we are taking it easy and will makes changes as needed.

As we were getting him set up, he asked me not to \”momify\” any of his videos.  Oh, this kid.  And then I started typing in a description for his channel and he decided to do it himself.  I asked him \”Was I momify-ing that?\” and he said yes.

He is able to play video games on his ipad and record them on the mac along with his voice commentary.

So if you would like to see him play video games you can visit his YouTube channel at

Here is his first video posted.  It\’s a 3 minute video playing Geometry Dash.  That sweet voice of his.

I received lots of hugs in thanks.  And he still cannot believe that he\’s a YouTuber.