Thanksgiving Week

Pictures from our Thanksgiving week.  This year Don took Quinn to Chicago and I went solo to to Maryland to visit Mom and Pam (and family).
I flew in to Baltimore over the bay and the light was pretty amazing.  

I got Quinn some e-touch gloves to keep his hands warm while using the ipad.  He was pretty stoked about using them.

Don and Quinn at the Museum of Science & Industry.

Corky & Meg in the background.

Meg and Quinn.

Quinn\’s favorite part of the day was the submarine.

Don couldn\’t leave Chicago without a couple of fully loaded Chicago Dogs!

Don and Quinn reflected in The Bean in downtown Chicago.  Corky is casually strolling behind them.

Then it was on to Mae\’s and a visit to the Shedd Aquarium.

Don got some special World Series Championship Chicago Cubs gear.

And back in Maryland I was hanging with mom.  Here we are getting ready to go out for a walk.

Mom & I spent Thanksgiving with Pam & Family.   Here they are working hard on dinner.

And Ben waving me off telling me not to take a picture 🙂

We all flew home on Friday and it was nice to have the weekend together before it was back to work and school.  It was a cool and rainy weekend so a perfect time for a cozy fire.

And of course we had to cook our own Thanksgiving meal.   We are all so thankful for the time we got to spend with our families and now happy to be home together.

After dinner it was time for a long, hot soak.

Beach Day

Everything is better at the beach.  And after a very crappy election week it was great to go to the beach and relax.  And have fun.  And watch all the kids get along and entertain themselves without devices.

Quinn getting out there.

He came back to tell me that the waves were SO RAD that he got knocked down 4 times in 1 minute.

They had their ears open for the ice cream truck!

Do you see the 2 \”rainbows\” on either side of the sun?  Pretty spectacular.

And a glorious end to a perfect day.

School Stuff

Quinn\’s school had their annual Jog A Thon where the kids run laps around the sports field in November 90 degree heat.  For some reason the jog a thon always falls on a hot hot day.

Quinn\’s class before the run.

Quinn getting his laps marked.  In previous years the kids had to run a certain number of laps to get a free Baskin Robins card but this year they just had to collect a donation.  Ha!  So I encouraged Quinn to fully participate but not worry about the number of laps he ran.   

After the race.  It was a hot one.

I volunteered for the morning shift and handed out post race popsicles!

The kids also rotate through various arts programs and they just finished up their drama rotation and did a cute little play for the parents.  The play was on Monday 🙂  It was the Little Red Hen and Quinn played a cat.

Around Here

Quinn has been taking an after school enrichment class where they program Lego Robotics.   Two of his classmates are in the class too so they have lots of fun.

A couple of weeks ago Q slammed his finger in the car door.  We were on our way in to see a movie and Quinn was quite the champ, although there was alot of pain and tears.  The nail immediately turned purple and I told him it would probably fall off.  Here it is a couple of days ago and since then it has fallen off.  I think he finds it pretty intriguing.

This weekend we went for a family bike ride down at the beach.

Our usual stopping place.

Our other usual stopping place so Quinn can climb the burnt tree and get charcoal all over himself.     I happened to take a pretty bad spill on this bike ride, but survived with no broken bones.

And Quinn has recently moved up a level in swimming and has a new instructor.  I really like her because she keeps the kids moving the whole time.   He will be ready for swim team in no time.  Although the 5 pm class time with the time change has made it pretty chilly getting out of the pool.

Science Carnival

This past weekend we went to a local science carnival.  We had been a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.  This year we met a couple of friends.

Jumping in a wet, but solid bucket of Oobleck.   It a cornstarch mixture that is solid if you jump hard on it but you will sink right in if you just stand on it.

Marshmallow Cannon!

The science of turning sugar in to cotton candy.

Dry Ice fun!

Shooting off rockets with STOMP power!

And a look back as we were leaving.    As you can see, it was a popular event!


I\’m not sure how many halloween costume ideas Quinn went through but he settled on FlameTrooper!  And he\’s one good FlameTrooper! 
Our little FlameTrooper on his way to a halloween party.

And walking in to school on Halloween with his Ninja buddy.

Quinn\’s school does the \”Longest Halloween Parade in the Conejo Valley\”.  The principal starts in the kindergarden room and weaves in and out of all the class rooms until she has a great big long line of 700 students behind her.

Quinn\’s class.  His teacher was an American Girl doll.

On Halloween night we went out with friends in neighborhood around our school.  We ended up with 9 kids in our pack.   Getting ready to head out.

There was one very popular street where all the houses are decked out and it was a MAD HOUSE.  Not a great picture but look at all these people.

One family creates a Haunted House that is supposed to be really good but the line to go through was a little bit too long for us.

Quinn collected lots of candy.  The switch witch didn\’t visit this year to trade out the candy for a toy but Quinn picked out about 10 of his favorites and the rest will be donated.