This Week

This week this cutie got some new summer pj\’s.  

I found myself on Mullholand Drive with an amazing view of LA below.

Wednesday was walk-to-school day so we drove to a friends house near the school and walked to school with them.

We celebrated St. Paddy\’s Day.

And Friday was crazy hair day.

We finished off the week with an impromptu playdate.

After 90 minutes of begging for video game time, I said yes 🙂

Sunday Hike

A Sunday family hike behind our neighborhood on a gloomy SoCal day.
The official name of this trail leading over the green hill is something like Sunrise Trail but all my friends call it Heart Attack Hill because it is quite the hike to the top.  All the rain lately has left our hills so green and beautiful!

Week with Stacey

I was so happy to have Stacey visit this past week.  We decided to start with a girls weekend in Laguna Beach.   It was pretty sweet.  And fortunately Stacey loves photography and a good selfie as much as me 🙂  We shared a bunch of photos so most of these are mine but a handful are Stacey\’s.  

Love this one that Stacey got of me.  


The weekend weather forecast wasn\’t great and we woke up to rain and stormy seas.

But by the time we were ready to get moving the weather had greatly improved.

We took a long walk down the beach.  It was really beautiful.

Can you see the hummingbird in this photo?  In the middle lower left.

Another day, another beach.  Today it is lunch on the Malibu Pier.

After lunch we went to check out a beach that was new to both of us, El Matador Beach.  I had seen pictures and knew it was beautiful but was always concerned about our ability to get down and back up.  As you can see, a bit of a hike down.

We were treated to lots of caves and rock formations.

Simultaneous photo capture.

We made it back up.   This photo gives a good view of how far up and down you need to go.

El Matador Beach was pretty windy.  A good before and after 🙂

Next day was lunch at Real Food Daily in Santa Monica and then a walk through town down to the pier.

And our last day spent slumming it in Beverly Hills.  This is one of Stacey\’s pictures which I think just captures the vibe of Rodeo Drive.  

We had to get a cupcake out of the Cupcake ATM.  


Just a fun week spending time with my girl!