Pumpkin Carving

Last weekend we went out pumpkin hunting.

And started carving right away.

All the boys in on the action.

I never got a picture of the front of the pumpkin and Quinn put it in the sun to sit.  Well 7 days in 85 degree California sun makes for a rotten, mildewy pumpkin.  Good thing we always get a couple of extra pumpkins.  I know what we will be doing on Saturday.

Halloween Festivities

Quinn has been very excited about all the Halloween Festivities!  On Friday at school all the kids dressed in their costumes and they had their Halloween parade.
Getting in his GI Joe gear with some face paint.

His second grade class getting ready for the big parade.

Tonight I will be off to boo-ze (and chocolate) some friends who have been very kind to me this year.  Shhhh!

Jumping Sumo

One of Quinn\’s birthday presents (from us) was a Jumping Sumo.  I think he\’s been asking for it since his last birthday or maybe Christmas.

You control it with the ipad.  And it has a camera on it so you can see where it\’s going.

Sonic didn\’t love this gift.

But of course he was curious.

Quinn is getting pretty good at controlling his Jumping Sumo.


This past weekend we made a visit to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).  Kids under 18 get a free membership and get to bring in one adult for free too.  We must have been very nice because we all got in free.

The iconic light pole structure outside of the LACMA that has been included in a handful of movies.

This awesome large curved wall exhibit made an excellent backdrop for our handsome boy.

Metropolis was pretty amazing.  We happened to arrive while it was running.

To get a sense of the size of it. Wow!

Here\’s a short video of Metropolis in action from above.

Art installation.

Elevator as art.

A view out over the museum with the Hollywood sign in the background on the hills on the right.

Catching Up

Here\’s what has been happening around here in September and October.
My cousin Susan came for a quick visit while mom was here.  It\’s been a handful of years since seeing each other so great to spend some quiet time together.    Quinn will be as tall as Sue any day now 🙂

Oh yeah, I had a birthday in September.  Mom made a gluten free German Chocolate Cake we could all enjoy and it was delicious!!!

 Beautiful fall sunrises.  Although it\’s supposed to be 100 degrees here today 😦

Our funny kid has decided that this is where he likes to spend lots of his time.  I guess we\’re one step closer.  Of course this boy is always surrounded by books.

This night he decided he wanted to sleep with Sonic all night.  This is where I found him in the morning.  

It\’s a shame I didn\’t get this one in focus, but you get the idea.  He was going for \”a style\”.  Too bad we made him put on a shirt to go out.

And he loves his long sleeve shirts, even on hot hot days.  We suggested he put on a short sleeve shirt and he said that this shirt \”technically is a short sleeve shirt\”.

A boy and his dog.

Happy 8th Birthday Mighty Quinn!

It\’s been quite a week for our Mighty Quinn with his birthday party last weekend and gifts and fun all this week.  He has really stretched out a good long birthday week….and we still have the weekend to celebrate!
Quinn celebrated with Grams before she left.

He loved the Amphibious R/C car that can go right in to the pool.  Thanks Grams!!

Birthday morning wouldn\’t be complete without balloons and a present (a pair of Heelys).

And a specially decorated birthday lunch box for our Brofist with mom\’s amazing sandwich!

A slow start to his morning.  Yes, his new favorite place to sleep.

And we are out the door with a new pair of Heelys on his feet and one of his favorite Captain Underpants books.

Home and ready for cake!!  My two favorite guys doing their best Brofist!

Quinn asked for a Captain Underpants birthday cake so that\’s what he got!  And it turned out super cute and gluten free!

And opening a couple more presents!  Quinn is only opening a couple of presents a day and he is really enjoying each and every one.  You can see the Nerf Target hanging on the window  from Lucas and family.  A new favorite.

And of course I know what kind of card will make the kid smile.  A Diary of a Wimpy Kid Loded Diper!!

Happy Birthday Mighty Quinn!  You are loved so very much.

A Day at Getty Villa

While Grams was here we went to the Getty Villa in Malibu.  They have a family friendly tour where the kids use an ipod to tour the villa.  Quinn had so much fun hunting out the rooms and the names of the tours were Villains, Monsters, and Heroes.  It was alot of fun for us adults too.

The Villa is JP Getty\’s dream of recreating of an ancient villa that was buried by Mt. Vesuvius in Italy.  It\’s designed to feel like you are entering a (very nice) excavation site with multiple striations of earth, stone, etc.

The security wasn\’t too keen about Quinn setting the ipad down on the antiquities 🙂

A look out to the gorgeous gardens.  Because of the draught all of the water features were turned off.  

Don hamming it up.

8th Birthday LazerTag Extreme!

This year Quinn asked to have his 8th Birthday Party at Lazer Tag Extreme with his 10 bestest friends!

Pre-party fun with a couple of buddies!

All 11 crazy boys after their first round of Lazer Tag.  The boys just loved it and had so much fun!

Party time!!  You should feel fortunate that this picture doesn\’t have sound.  Wow was it loud and crazy!

His party host Ryan doing some magic tricks for the boys.

After pizza and cupcakes Quinn got to sin the wheel for a special gift.  He was hoping for Dippin Dots Ice Cream.  Just what he needed 🙂

Um, yay for Dippin Dots?

 The boys had so much fun and Quinn stated it was the best birthday party ever!!!