Remembering Brad

Last weekend Don, Quinn and I went to Chicago for the Celebration of Life for Brad.  Barbara put together an amazing event including lots of pictures and memorabilia that really brought Brad to life.   A beautiful way to remember Brad.  

The event was held in a covered tent in a beautiful park.

High school friends of Brads.

Ladies from the Dangerous Flights.  I love what they said that Brad was \”the real deal\”.

Family Friends for 40+ years.

This 6 year old needed a little change of scenery.

A Father\’s Day Well Spent

Father\’s Day was Don\’s YES day.  He got to call the shots.

So we spent the day geocaching up and down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).  We found more than 30 caches on Sunday so a pretty good day.

We started our day with Mongolian BBQ.

Some snapshots from our day.

Do you see this cache?  It\’s hanging high on this telephone post.  It\’s the tiny silver tube on the ring.  You had to use a pole that was hidden in a bush to get to it.  Pretty unique.

Another one hidden behind a sign.

A love-ly day for geocaching.

There\’s a magnetic cache attached to this Malibu sign.

After a full day of caching we ended our day with a family swim party.  Look at Don and his two boys hanging out on the seat in the deep end.

And a Happy Father\’s Day to the best guy in the world!

Last Day of Kindergarten

The last day of kindergarten.  
So proud of this boy.  He had a year of tremendous change and challenges but he worked it all out and had a great kinder year. 

It\’s hard to believe that this is how the year started.  Going to kindergarten down the elevator.  
Mr. Blue Eyes.

We were so lucky to have such a supportive teacher who loved Quinn to bits and gave him the resources he needed to make it a successful year.  Thank you Mrs. Chanduri!!

Now it\’s time for lazy mornings and unscheduled days.  Quinn will spend some days at Pinecrest this summer at camp but only enough so that he has some fun and I have some time to manage the household.

Hello Summer!!!