Thanksgiving Day

This year it\’s just the three of us, well four of us.  We were planning on going to the beach but it was cloudy and cool which meant it would be really chilly at the beach.  Instead we gathered up some sports equipment and headed to a playground/park close to home.

Quinn is signed up for the Thousand Oaks Little League T-Ball in the Spring so a little practice is in order.  The Thousand Oaks Little League Team has won 6 US Championships and 2 World Championships.   But I hear the t-ball is really fun with no pressure.

Look at this face!

And look at this face 😉

Quinn was encouraging Sonic to dig in the sand.

My silly little 6 year old!

My sweet little 6 year old 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Around Here

We had some rain last week and the succulents in the yard hold lots of perfect drops of rain.

Quinn, Sonic and I go to puppy class every week at PetSmart.  I\’ve learned alot and it\’s been great for Sonic to be around other puppies.  He loves playing with the other dogs but gets bored when the talking begins.

We\’ve learned to keep a stash of Kong\’s in our freezer filled with wet dog food, cottage cheese, peanut butter, etc to give to Sonic when he goes in his crate or when we want some peace and quiet.  He loves these and they will keep him occupied for a good amount of time.  

We are continuing to get organized and just sold this big train table and train set on craigslist.  Our garage is really shaping up!

You might have seen this on FB.  In Quinn\’s homework he is learning to write sentences and this day he had to use \”no\” in his sentence.   He probably hears this one alot 🙂

The other morning I woke up to this beautiful light in the sky.

I call this one a study of beige on beige.  Mr. Naughty Pants.

On Sunday Quinn\’s other bottom tooth was loose and he wanted me to pull it out.  I couldn\’t get it out so we just let it go.  After brushing his teeth Sunday night the tooth was gone!!!  Down the drain?  We don\’t know.  The tooth fairy visited and found the tooth and left Quinn a gold coin.

Yesterday Quinn asked if he could take some money to school to put in the donation box for the Philippines.  I suggested he donate the money he got from the tooth fairy and he was happy to do so.  This morning he took in his bag of 7 gold coins from the tooth fairy to give to the Philippines.

Our Little Soccer Star

We signed Quinn up for a Soccer Class through the Thousand Oaks Recreation Department.  This is his first soccer class in a couple of years and it was just the right speed.

There were only 3 kids in the class and he was the only boy.  But boy oh boy did he have fun!  (lots o pics to follow)

Our Rec Room

It\’s nice to have one more room unpacked and just about finished.  Our new house has an open area on the 2nd floor between the master bedroom and the other 2 bedrooms.   We decided to make it our family rec room with a TV, wii, games, toys, etc.  A place for us to hang out as a family and for Quinn to hang out with his friends.

Quinn didn\’t use the playroom in our old house very much and I think it\’s because it was at the end of the hall separated from everything else.  Our new rec room is open to the main level and gets lots of natural light.

Here\’s how the room looked when we first saw the house.

Ready to see the new and we think much improved room?  You can see how open it is as you come up the main stairs.  And the new brighter, light paint.  Master bedroom to the left and 2 other bedrooms to the right.

The stairs in the back lead right to the kitchen so it\’s easy for me to hear everything going on.

Looking over the couch is our front entrance and (formalish) living room.

The bookcase/storage unit is from Ikea and was a 2 weekend job.  But all of Quinn\’s stuff is tucked away in the cabinets, on the bookshelf or in his room.    He was ready to donate alot of the toys that he considered \”preschool toys\” so it was pretty easy to pare down.

We still have a couple of finishing touches to make but we all really love this room.

Star Wars Nothing But Star Wars

Do you remember when we moved in to our new house that Quinn wanted the blue bedroom?

I thought those 3 little windows might be an issue and that the other room would make a better bedroom.

You can see how a 6 year old boy might not want this room.  So, we told him that he could pick any theme for his new room.  And he chose Star Wars.  After lots of googling I found my inspiration and got to work.

I decided to paint the room myself and then everything else I found on either Etsy.   Welcome to Quinn\’s Star Wars Room.

I have a very cool fan that will replace this girlie one.  It\’s on our to-do list.  Toys on the floor courtesy of Mr. Sonic.

I put several ideas together to create this.  It\’s just dark blue paint with a white border and a vinyl decal I had made for Quinn from an etsy seller for less than $10.  I got the light sabre holder at Home Depot.

I love the bright pops of red, blue, yellow, and green artwork on the wall.  Those were from another etsy seller and I love the simplicity of them.  And Quinn was specific about where each one should go.  All the space ships and stars on the dark blue are peel off vinyl decals.

I love the addition of the red growth chart too.  And  \”May the force be with you\” as you exit.

Nothing like using a sharpie to write your name on a freshly painted wall : )  No worries, it\’s his room.

And Sonic loves this Star Wars beanbag chair that I also purchased from Etsy.  He steals a toy and then runs to the chair to chew on it.  The beanbag chair is stuffed with Quinn\’s stuffed animals so it makes for great storage.

Now only if Quinn would sleep in his newly designed Star Wars room we would really be making some progress.  And how does the original boys blue bedroom look?  Like an office still in progress.   And a bonus of a sleeping puppy at my feet 🙂


I am in a new photography class and this week our assignment is all about lines.

Since it\’s just Sonic and I during the day he is the subject of many of my pictures.

Sonic thinks that Quinn is one of  his equals and will play with him like an equal.  Something we are working on.  In the meantime you can see Sonic nipping at Quinn.  Not cool dog, not cool!

It\’s a good thing he\’s this cute because he is on my very, very short list right about now.

I was up at 4 am and saw this light spilling in to the house so of course I had to get my camera and tripod.

Don, look away.  This dog seriously loves shoes.  Well, he loves just about anything he can get his mouth on.  Shoes, clothes, napkins, toys, pliers, screwdriver.  He grabs it and runs.

Lost Tooth

Quinn\’s two bottom teeth have been wiggly for the last couple of weeks.  On Wednesday I noticed him doing something weird with his tongue and it was a very loose tooth.  Thursday morning he woke up and really started working it and during breakfast asked me to get the tweezers to pull it out.  He told me to pull the flat one because it was at a 90 degree angle and also to pull slowly.

And it came right out.

After I got a couple of pictures, Quinn ran downstairs to tell Sonic all about it.    We tucked the tooth safely away in the baseball mitt that Don used as a kid.

If you\’re on FaceBook you probably followed the discussion on the Tooth Fairy.  We opted for 6 $1 coins for the first tooth and a note from the tooth fairy.

I was getting ready in the bathroom this morning and Quinn woke up early and started looking to see if the tooth fairy had visited.

My sleepy guy.

Reading the note from the tooth fairy.

His other bottom tooth is pretty loose so I think the tooth fairy will be back soon.

Around Here

It\’s been al little chaotic around here this week.  We had most of the inside of the house painted.  Everything was covered with plastic, there were rolls of orange painters tape everywhere, doors and gates were left open and Sonic spent most of his time in his crate.  Insanity.   I\’m happy to say goodbye to the 50 Shades of Baby Poo and hello to the 50 Shades of Grey.  
This guy is pretty darned close to being housebroken which has made life much easier.  When I am home I give him pretty free reign of the house although he is usually at my feet as he is right now.  
My car turned 100,000 this week and it\’s still going strong.  Now only if I could get a radio station without static.  I miss my NPR.

I usually leave the door open and he comes and goes as he pleases.

Quinn\’s school has an assembly on the first Wednesday of every month called Way To Go Wednesday.  The principal talks to the kids about what\’s coming up at school and the character traits for the month.  This month is Generosity and Opportunity.  A couple of students from each class get an award and the very cute cheerleader team brings in the school spirit.  As you can see parents are invited.  Do you see Quinn in his red coat near the front?  He didn\’t know I was there and was so tickled to see me afterwards.

Do you remember how much Apollo used to like ice?  Well our new little guy loves it too.  He mostly likes to chase it as it slips and slides around the house but he is sure to be by your side if you\’re getting ice.

This Weekend…

…we took Sonic for his first visit to the vet.  I\’m not sure of his previous weight but he currently weighs 16 pounds 9 ounces.

After the vet visit, Don picked up his Vespa and was back in the saddle.  

Someone else wanted to give it a try.

I may be crazy but we are clearing out the backyard.  We had a tree cut down that was right at the pools edge.  Here\’s how it looks now.    We will put sod in there for now and then decide.  The backyard looks much bigger and is much roomier to move around.  

Quinn really wishes that Sonic was much more obedient than he is and would learn some good tricks.  I kind of like this Super Sonic trick.  You can see him squinting his eyes and getting ready to take off!

Now I have two adorable blondies in my life.