Afternoon Walk

Sometimes it\’s still hard to believe that we live in such a beautiful place.  We can walk out our door and walk to hiking trails.  
Don stumbled upon this \”half pipe\” in the middle of seemingly nowhere not too far from our house.  And the path is paved the whole way there so Quinn could scooter.  Don scored a geocache right around here — it warned to beware of snakes in bushes!

A view along the path as the setting sun lights the hills and mountains.

We were about 3 minutes late for the sunset but it\’s still breathtaking.

And looking towards the east over our neighborhood.  

Gold Belt Ninja

Quinn takes karate lessons after school every Friday and this month he was ready to test for his first belt, the gold belt.
Here he is with one of his little classmates stretching before the test.  
Unfortunately we were unable to see Quinn during alot of the testing but here he is getting his new gold belt.  He was pretty pleased.

And doing some moves for me at home with his new gold belt.

His fierce face!

Oh Buddy!

It\’s funny, now when we say \”buddy\” both Quinn and Sonic respond.  Here\’s our handsome furry boy.

He had his rabies shot today and is up to 37 pounds.  He gained almost 5 pounds in the last week.  He\’s growing so fast you can almost see the changes overnight.

We\’ve really been working with him on commands and good behavior.  He\’s getting better but he\’s still driving us crazy 🙂   He will have his last vaccine in early January then we can finally take him to the dog park!!

He\’s getting so big we had to get a new crate for him.  This one should last us forever.

Quinn loves to love Sonic.  Isn\’t he cute!

Until this happens.  Sonic just wants to play, which means biting and jumping.

Kinder Performance

The two kindergarden classes at Quinn\’s school performed their winter songs today.  Quinn has done performances previous years at Sundance but this year he was really in to the singing and seemed to have a great time.

Here\’s the class.  And isn\’t it nice that they can perform outside in December?

And a couple of Quinn doing his thing 🙂


Quinn\’s first visit with Santa was amazing!  Santa sang Quinn a song and was just so great with him.  I remember Santa saying that he had been coming to this spot for years.  
Look at our little chubster.

So we were excited to see if Santa was here again and he was!!!  Is this the same Santa 6 years later?  I don\’t know.  Quinn loved him but we weren\’t so impressed. 

Holiday Performance

Quinn\’s school has been practicing their holiday songs and performed at a local mall on Wednesday night.  Each class did a couple of songs and they were really good.

Here\’s Quinn with his teacher Mrs. Chanduri who he adores.

And here\’s the video of the performance, including the guy standing behind Don providing commentary.