Birthday Date Night

I had a really wonderful birthday and enjoyed our special night out.  Marleny watched Quinn while Don and I went to a restaurant in Liberty State Park which is on the river directly across from NYC.   We started with drinks at Liberty House Restaurant which is a large establishment with amazing grounds.  There were private cabanas, comfy couches, zen gardens, firepits with marshmallows along several bars, a dining room, and alot of special function rooms.  We saw 2 weddings in progress the short time we were there.   It was a spectacular location, but not known for their food.  We had dinner at a restaurant next door.  It was delicious!  When we got home we were happy to see the bottom right corner picture.  But that deserves a post all of it\’s own.  

Back to Sundance

It\’s that time of year when I start singing the praises of Quinn\’s school, Sundance.  I was a bit worried how he would do with 3 full days but this has been the easiest adjustment so far.  Although he\’s not always happy to leave home, he\’s happy to go to school and is sharing so much information this year.   The other night as I was putting him to bed he said he wanted to tell one story and then read one story.  He went on to tell me the story about Little Tim.  This is something I don\’t think he has ever done.  Repeat a story that he learned at school.  Yesterday when we were at lunch he started telling me the story again and I whipped out my iphone to record it.   We were in a Subway restaurant so there\’s a bit of background noise but I think it\’s still cute.

I had a big frog he was Giant Tim
I put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim
He drank up all the water and ate up all the soap
Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit, Ribbit 
Last night was Back to School night at Sundance.  I got to meet most of his teachers and hear about what they will be learning this year.  As usual I was blown away and so happy that we found Sundance.  When we visited the art room there were self portraits of all the kids hanging up.  The children had mirrors to look at themselves while they created their self portrait.   Quinn\’s teacher, Ms. Kate, said that Quinn wanted to add four eyes to his portrait.  Ms. Kate asked him to look in the mirror to see how many eyes he had.  He said two but was very disappointed because he wanted to be an alien.
The teacher drew the outline for the face and neck and the kids did everything else.  Quinn doesn\’t really love to draw these days so I was very pleasantly surprised by this.  

Happy Birthday Don!

I would have blogged about Don\’s birthday when it happened but the birthday celebrations started early and lasted through the week…cause that\’s how we roll.

For some reason Don and I get our important dates messed up.  I believe it was our first wedding anniversary that Mom had to correct us on the actual anniversary date.  This year we thought Don\’s birthday fell on a Tuesday, which was actually 9/11, and made plans for that day.  Don requested a trip to Pizzeria Uno\’s for a deep dish pizza and beer.  It wasn\’t until Monday that we realized that we got the day wrong but still went ahead with our celebration as planned.

Tuesday:  Pizza and Beer and Balloon Animals at Uno\’s

Wednesday:  Special home made dinner and gifts (and a nice greeting from Quinn)

 {Don requested yoga blocks for his birthday and Quinn is demonstrating how to use them in a downward dog position.}

Thursday:  A visit from Grams and Carrot Cake 

{admiring the Legos candles that Q picked out for his dad}

Saturday:  Adult Night Out while Grams stays with The Boy

{love his picture of my handsome man}

Packing Lunch

I\’m still a little bit excited about packing Quinn\’s lunch every day.  Part of the reason for that is because he\’s still excited about it every day.  Talk to me/us again at the end of the year.  I\’ve decided to take a bento box approach to his lunches with bits of this and that with some fun cups and food picks thrown in for fun.

On Wednesday he got a mini-bagel with cream cheese, raisins and a couple of yogurt covered raisins, strawberries, olives, and a dried fruit strip.  And you can see how he did with his lunch.  I asked him if there were any animals in his lunch and he remembered all the little food picks.   But like I said, ask me again at the end of the year.

Back to School

Monday was Quinn\’s first day back to school for another year of Pre-K at Sundance.    This year he will stay for a full day (9am – 3pm) so he will take a backpack with his lunch box.

Although all his backpack contained was his lunchbox, he thought it was pretty heavy and kept falling over.  One day he is going to be the best at drawing fouls in basketball because he can really fake a fall.

Off to school we went.  Once we got there, Ms. Kate helped him find his cubby and get his lunchbox and backpack situated.  Hugs and goodbye.  I was the only one who seemed a little sad.

Instead of a letter of the week, they are now learning a word of the week.  I think it\’s kinda funny that this is the word they chose but I get it.    Probably alot of mandatory stuff going on at school this week.

I was eager to see what was left in his lunchbox.  I sent him to school with a PB&J cut in to two train shapes, a cereal bar, some apples, and graham cracker bunnies.  He did pretty good!

I like to get him a little toy and a treat for his first day of school.  He had been asking and asking for a dino-car for weeks and today it was at home waiting for him.

It made me happy that he went to school happy and came home happy.  I asked if he slept during rest time and he said no.  I believe it because he was zonked out at 8:30 pm and slept until 9 am the next morning (actually I woke him at 9).

I\’m looking forward to another great year.

The Bug Museum

On Saturday we had a very buggy experience at Insectopolis.  Who knew a bug museum could be so much fun.  I wish my father could have been there to share the experience with us and see how much his littlest grandson just loved everything bugs.

Interesting that this place is owned and run by a extermination company.  Curious.

The museum was just the right size and we were able to make it in and out of there in about an hour.   Long enough to make it worth our while but short enough that Quinn was enthusiastic the whole time.  There was a big selection of both live and dead insects.   Lots of live tarantulas and cockroaches.

I\’m still rocking my telephoto/macro lens and captured these macros.  Quinn knew the bugs were dead if they had a nail in them 🙂

There were two live bee hives set up with clear tubes connecting them to each other and also to a source of sugar.    We also noticed a tube that looked like it went outside.  On our way out we went around the back of the building and sure enough there were 3 tubes with lots of bees buzzing around.

Once an hour the museum entomologist pulls out some live creatures to learn about and touch.   Todays selection included a hissing cockroach, a scorpion, a millipede, and a tarantula.  Our young entomologist host reminded us that these were all his pets and none of these could hurt us in any way.  Honestly, I had no desire to touch these things but felt that I needed to put on my brave face so that Quinn wouldn\’t be fearful.  Although it took some coaxing, Quinn put at least a finger on all these creatures.  Sorry I don\’t have pictures but it was one of those experiences that I chose to participate in instead of photograph.

It was really nice to see Quinn\’s enthusiasm for the insects and really enjoy the museum.  He always talks about how we are nice to bugs and that bugs like him.  Our little entomologist.