It\’s 68 Degrees!

We are getting a taste of Spring in Westfield and today it was 68 degrees!   It is so nice to get out and about again after being pretty much homebound since the snow right after Christmas.  The snow is almost gone and I am ready to start seeing little buds and bulbs pop up out of the ground.  Wishful thinking maybe, but a girl can dream.

On Friday Quinn and I grabbed a Starbucks and took a walk around our \’downtown\’ park Mindowaskin.   The conditions were perfect for a little boy — wet and muddy!!  Quinn had the best time plunging sticks in to thick mud and then cleaning them off in a puddle, throwing rocks and sticks in to puddles and the pond, dragging sticks in the water, and anything else to do with sticks, rocks, water, and mud.

I was singing row, row, row your boat as Q swooped the stick from side to side in the puddle.

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Hello Sun!

Quinn didn\’t have school on Thursday but we had our Parent/Teacher conference.  Quinn gets to play in the \”Mat Room\” while I talk to his teacher.  Afterwards we enjoyed a trip to Starbucks for some Hot Chocolate and Coffee.  It was such a warm beautiful day that we decided to head to a playground.  We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground but I remembered a playground that is in the full sun and not grassy.  It turned out to be a perfect place to enjoy a 65 degree day.   We had so much fun playing, chasing each other around, and going up and down slides.  Quinn even found a couple of play pals to have some fun with.  It was a great day and I loved being together with my boy.

His Bart Simpson shirt says Ladies Man.

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I am the Worst Mom Ever

One of Quinn\’s favorite foods is Macaroni and Cheese.  He often asks for it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It seems the less nutritious the food, the more he likes it.  That\’s a 3 year old for you.  Annie\’s Organics has a single serve mac n cheese that I frequently use.  It\’s easy to make and Quinn can help me make it.  The other morning we made a bowl for him and then I did the unthinkable.  I couldn\’t believe I did what I did.  What in the world came over me.  What was I thinking.  I know better.  Give me the worst mom ever award for this one.

Yes, I stirred the mac n cheese.   Please don\’t think any less of me because of this.   I hope Quinn will be able to forgive me one day.

btw, he\’s not reaching for me in this last picture.  He\’s pushing me away and probably saying something like \”Mama, you don\’t do that!\”.
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Playing Hookie

I decided to keep Quinn home from school on Thursday because he still has a persistent cough.  It\’s definitely getting better but he is still coughing.  I was glad I kept him home because he slept until 10:45 am and then took a 30 minute nap later in the day.  His body is healing.

Quinn has a valentine\’s party at school on Tuesday and his teacher Miss Bunny asked that we bring in valentines cards for all his little friends.   We ran by the school in the afternoon to drop them off and then headed to Starbucks for some coffee and hot chocolate.   Quinn loves his hot chocolate!   For some reason it felt like we were playing hookie 🙂

Also, just a reminder that I\’ve started a new blog where I post my daily picture  I usually don\’t post that picture on Quinn\’s blog.  I\’ve added a link to my Project 365 to the right hand side bar of this blog in \”Blogs I Like\”.  

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Play Day

We\’ve had more days at home recently with Quinn being sick.  The school doesn\’t want you to send your kiddo to school if they have a persistent cough and Quinn has had a pretty mean cough.  He\’s been pretty happy and seems to feel ok, but the cough is hanging in there.

We have a big spool of bright blue yarn that Quinn loves to unwind all over the house, up the stairs, around the corner, etc.  On Tuesday he wrapped the yarn around a couple of kitchen cabinets and asked me if I would get in the choo choo train with him.   We found a round colander as his wheel and a cuisinart part as his whistle.  It was quite a contraption.  Here we are chugging along….

Then we started digging deeper in to the cabinets and he found the salad spinner.  I explained to him what it was used for so he added some balls and puzzle pieces to spin around.

But he really wanted some salad to spin.  He was thrilled when I produced a small bag of spinach to spin.  Wahoo!

Now he takes it upon himself to pull out the spinner on a daily basis and grab a huge box of spinach begging me to open it.  Not sure where he learned this but he will say \’please, please, please\’.

That reminds me of one of Quinn\’s favorite phrases right now \”I eat it, but I don\’t like it\”.  I crack up every time.  Again, not sure where he learned that phrase.

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Lazy Days

This is how most of our day looked on Monday.  Lazy.  TV.  Resting.    

We took Quinn to the Urgent Care Clinic on Sunday and they said he has a virus that is lasting a couple of weeks.  Fluids and rest was the prescription.  So fluids and rest it was.  You can see that Quinn has the buddy with him.  He has started taking the buddy to bed with him every night and will grab him first thing in the morning too.  It makes us smile.  The Boy.  Our Buddy.

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Our (Kinda) Adventurous Day

Saturday.  \”The Boy\” has had a bit of a cough and it kicked in full force on Saturday.  He woke himself coughing early on Saturday morning.  This is what he looked like by 10 am.  Yaaaawing.  He had just opened a card from Mae and he thought it was funny that in the picture the wolf had snow on his nose.  

We were ready to do something fun and different and needed an indoor activity because of the weather.  We also wanted to celebrate the Chinese New Year.   We found a kids marionette show that featured a Chinese Dragon.  It was about 40 miles north but we were up for the adventure.  We also found a little place called Organic Tofu House which serves Korean food.  Even better!

We started with banchan, which are free little side dishes that are always different.   We got kimchee, beansprouts, a spicy salad, and a fishy thing.  We also ordered a vegetable pancake that is made with veggies and kimchee.  One of our favorites.   I got the Bi Bim Bop which was served in a sizzling stone bowl with hot rice, cold marinated veggies, and a raw egg yolk that cooked in the hot food.  You can see our pancake and my Bi Bim Bop in this picture.  Don got a spicy kimchee soft tofu stew which came out sizzling and bubbling like crazy.  As Rachel Ray would say:  Yum-O!

We had about an hour to kill before we needed to head to the marionette show so we ran by Whole Foods to get Quinn some cough medicine.  By this point he was coughing alot.  Alot, alot.  We did a little shopping then sat while Quinn had a sweet treat.  His coughing wasn\’t improving so we thought it best that we not go to the show.

We got home to find this scene.  What is up with Curious George sniffing The Buddy\’s butt?  The Buddy looks a little sad about it.  Don says they were just doing a proper greeting.  Disturbing!

Don ran out to get ingredients for Tomato-Politan Martinis plus some.   As you can see…

We actually only had one martini but we have the ingredients to make many more.

Quinn\’s cough seemed to be getting worse and since it was sounding a bit croupy we decided to do the hot steam and then cold air treatment.  I got the hot shower going and set up the sink with squirt bottles, funnels, cups, foaming soap, etc so that Quinn could play while we steamed his lungs 😉  After 15 minutes Don grabbed him, wrapped him in a blanket and took him outside.  Quinn was pretty upset to have to leave his fun at the sink, so we happily repeated the process until we ran out of hot water.    Unfortunately his cough isn\’t any better and we will be visiting an urgent care clinic on Sunday morning.

But, it was still a fun and kind of adventurous day.

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Chop, Chop

On Friday I took Quinn to our local kids haircut salon for a little boy haircut.   For Quinn it\’s a love-hate relationship.  He loves to play with their train table, sit in an airplane chair,  watch a video, and then get a lollipop.  But he hates the cape (we just skip that part now), having his hair sprayed with water, and the snip-snips around his face.  In the car on the way to get his hair cut, he was talking about the train table at the haircut store.   I was impressed that he remembered the table.  
Here we are at the haircut store.  Mamarazzi is out in full force 🙂

Here\’s the end result.  I love that wet, freshly combed look.

I guess Quinn didn\’t think they took off enough hair.  I know I always need to make some minor adjustments after I get my hair cut too.    This is the scene I found.

I think this might qualify as a shenanigan 😉

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Our home has been full of shenanigans lately.  You know, like climbing up the stairs on the outside of the banister.  I think in the above definition, 2b applies to our household.  Quinn can\’t be left alone for too long because he really likes to get in to stuff and destroy.  And he\’s getting bolder.  
Last night we were watching TV and Quinn climbed on to the kitchen island and put on my sunglasses.  Pretty harmless because we caught him early.  

Here\’s Don getting in on the shenanigans too.  Quinn beckoned Don to come ride his horse with him.

And it wouldn\’t be complete without a topple off the horse.  I don\’t know if you can see it in the picture below, but Quinn has a huge hole in his shirt where he took his scissors to his shirt.  Shenanigans.

 On Wednesday our kitchen barstool went missing.  I found it in Quinn\’s playroom.  It looks like he was pulling everything out of the closet and needed the stool to get to the high shelves.  He normally just climbs up the drawers to get to the higher shelves.   How did that barstool get upstairs?  It was a Wednesday so Marlini was watching him.

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