Snowy Morning

We are expecting quite a bit of snow over the next 24 hours — anywhere from 8 – 24 inches by the time it\’s done. Time will tell. What do you do on a snowy morning?

Maybe paint a little bit…fingers work great…

Hey mom, look what I did!

Then head out to check out the snow…

Help mom shovel the driveway…

Catch some snowflakes…

And then get coaxed inside with the promise of making some hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream…

Look at that big chocolate smile!

Finish off the morning watching the movie Cars so mom can get on the computer and blog all about it!

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Swim Lessons

Don and Quinn enjoy a little bit of father/son bonding time every Sunday with swim lessons at the Y. Don reports that today Quinn started kicking his legs and paddling his arms. He\’s our little swimmer!

Today one of the other kids grandfather was taking pictures and forwarded a couple of good ones on to Don.

Big Jump! Looks like fun! Quinn\’s toy of choice is the elephant watering can he has in his right hand. On some days he\’s not cooperative at all until he has HIS watering can.

Quinn\’s giving the photographer a quizzical look. That\’s the photographer\’s grandson next to Quinn.

Walk in the Park

Don had some work to do from home today so Quinn and I took a romp through the snowy woods at Trailside Nature Center. The sun was shining and lots of people were out enjoying the day.

Quinn asked me to take his picture and then gave me a bit of a posed look.

He was done with the picture taking pretty quickly 😉

Chase Me Mama!

Quinn loves to play this game called \”Chase Me Mama/Papa\” where we chase him round and round the house. It\’s a great pre-bedtime game to burn some energy but it\’s fun for the whole family any time of the day. Quinn got a Valentine from Mae that included a tshirt from her recent trip to Medellin. Quinn latched on to that shirt and didn\’t let go. If you haven\’t heard our little boy giggle in a while, you\’ll get your fill in this video. (Marlini is there so you will hear some spanish chatter from her 🙂 At the very beginning of the video you can hear Quinn say \”Chase Me Mama!\”.

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Liberty Science Center

On Saturday we took a family trip to the Liberty Science Center.

There was a special exhibit of Sue the T-Rex, which was on loan from the Chicago Field Museum.

There was so much stuff for little scientists to explore. The 2nd floor had a special section dedicated for kids 2 – 5 years old. Both of my scientists had a great time.

Hi Turtle!

Quinn\’s checking out the flounder-like fish scurrying across the bottom.

It was a fun day and I know we\’ll be back!

Our Snowstorm

On Wednesday we got our first big snow storm of the year. It started snowing late Tuesday night and snowed through Wednesday night. In total we got about 17\”. It seems like nothing compared to the 50+ inches of snow that has fallen in Maryland over the last week. We have been very impressed with how well NJ cleans and plows the roads. Our little dead end street was plowed a couple of times and we had no problems getting out on Thursday morning. Most of the roads were wet pavement. Good Job NJ 😉

Here\’s a look down our street on Wednesday morning. We had gotten about 4 – 6\” at this point.

Thomas loves the snow.

Don working hard on the driveway. He took about 3 swipes at the driveway keeping it clean throughout the day.

Nap Update

Quinn\’s new sleep schedule has been a moving target. We had a good week long stretch of no nap, early to bed, and sleeping 12 hours. Then Quinn snuck in a 20 minute nap at 5 pm while I was cooking dinner one night and we were up until midnight. That seemed to get him out of his good cycle and he didn\’t sleep 12 hours at night. Yesterday he seemed really tired so I let him nap for 3 hours knowing that we would be up late. And we were. 12:30 am bedtime. We\’ll work our way back to no nap, early to bed, and sleeping 12 hours. I\’ve heard the transition from no-nap can take 3 months or so. We\’ll just go with the flow and do what seems best on that day…


Quinn\’s best buddies are Milo and Jasper. If Quinn hasn\’t seen them in a while I think he starts to miss them and will ask to play with MiloJasper (all one word). He has great fun imitating big boy Jasper and has started to play with Milo. Quinn is still at the parallel play stage, but you can see him starting to break out of it and enjoy playing with other kids.

Here\’s Quinn and Milo having fun with the white board.

And a big smile from Milo.