Avon by the Sea

Today Quinn and I joined a big group of mamas and babies for a day at the beach — Avon by the Sea. There were maybe 35 of us there and we had a great time. The weather was perfect and Quinn loved playing in the sand and with buckets of water. He ventured in the ocean up to his waist but wasn\’t so sure about the current. I thought the water felt nice especially on a warm day.

I met a couple of new moms including another Amy and her daughter Abbie, who happens to share the same birthdate as Quinn. Amy and Abbie live fairly close to us in Westfield so we hope to see them again. Here\’s Abbie feeding Quinn some grapes.

And the little man checking it all out.

Another mom brought a small inflatable kiddy pool (very clever!). We filled it with water and the kids had a great time. There were about 5 – 6 toddlers about Quinn\’s age. Here he is with Joaquin who is a couple of months older than Q.

And playing with the sand.

Lola (I think) is hanging out in the pool while Quinn looks on.

Here\’s the whole gang with all our beach umbrellas!

Fun in Maryland

Quinn and I had a great week in Maryland last week. We headed south to celebrate Mom\’s birthday. Pam cooked a great birthday dinner and mom was surrounded by family 🙂 I\’m not sure Quinn knew exactly what was going on with the cake and candles.

Pam and I headed to the mall on Tuesday for some lunch, shopping, and then playing in the kids play area.

Quinn had a great time playing in the yard…

…and riding in the wagon (he preferred to be chauffered around).

All the Cantelo grandkids must have their picture taken in the cherry (?) tree at the bottom of the driveway.

At the Park with Sullivan

While we were in Maryland, Quinn and I met up with Stacey and Sullivan at Baker Park in Frederick. It was a pretty warm day but the kids had lots of fun. Stacey took these great pictures.

Getting ready to go down the slide together.

I think Quinn is wiped out after an afternoon in the sun. Sullivan thought Quinn was pretty cool!

The Flying Quinn

Quinn has started testing his own limits and has taken to the air. He loves doing face dives from the ottoman the couch. Take a look.

Shortly after I shot this video Quinn was standing on top of the ottoman and was looking away from the couch towards the window. I thought for sure that he wouldn\’t dive in that direction. Well he sure did! He did a flying face dive right to the floor. There was quite a bit of crying after that but I\’m not sure if it was because of his fall or my horrified scream! But, he survived without any cuts or bruises.

If you noticed Quinn\’s technique off the couch, you will notice the same technique in the pool today. He has been jumping off the side of the pool with me holding his hands for a while but today he did a free fall for the first time and thought it was pretty great. Take a peak…

We got home and I set Quinn in the recliner so I could pull some dinner together. He conked out pretty quickly.

Happy Father\’s Day!

We celebrated Father\’s Day again this year with a visit to a shallow pool of water. Here are my favorite guys last year at the Greenlake Wading Pool.

Here they are this year at the Westfield Pool.

We\’re still getting lots of rain but there was a brief period of sun and we decided to run to the pool. It clouded over as soon as we got there but we still had some fun. Here\’s our little guy.

Darwin, Don, and Mighty

On Friday Quinn said \’Darwin\’ for the first time — he usually calls him \’buddy\’. In this action-packed video you can hear Quinn say \’Darwin\’ and then \’Don\’. He sometimes calls Don \’Don\’ and sometimes \’papa\’. When we ask Quinn his name he says \’Mighty\’. You might not recognize it as such be he says it right at about :38 seconds. Our little pontificator!

And here\’s a pic of our camera shy buddy for good measure.


Quinn has gotten really good at doing his puzzles so we thought we would challenge him with putting out 2 puzzles and mixing up the pieces to see if he could get them in the right puzzle. Don always says \”nice\” or \”sweet\” when Q gets the right piece and you can hear Quinn say both of these words. He doesn\’t use the word \”no\” too much but you can hear him use that word too.

And this is what he looked like after the video ended 😉

Lunch in the East Village

Another rainy day in Westfield so we decided to head to NYC for some lunch. Don heard about a vegetarian restaurant called Angelika Kitchen so we decided to check it out. The food was so-so and the service not so much. Usually those hippy veggy places have very friendly service but not today. It was decent but not worth the 30 mile drive in to the city. It took us about 45 minutes to get in to town and about and hour to get home.

After lunch we (ok, me) had a sweet tooth so we found a very hopping italian bakery. It was pretty yummy!!! Here\’s Quinn enjoying a table of his own and sorting through the sugar packets.

And Don and Quinn on the mean streets of NYC.

There\’s a new law in NYC that you will get fined for honking. I only wish I had audio with this picture so you could hear all the honking 😛

ps…I didn\’t realize how smudged my camera lens was until I got home so the pics have a filtered quality to them. Any questions about the smudging, refer to my blogpost \”Bored at the Store\” to understand 🙂

Bored at the Store

I had to run a few errands this afternoon and Quinn kept busy playing with my camera. First here\’s a cute pic of Mr. Blue Eyes. You can see that he has added a split lip to his menagerie of bumps, bruises, etc. His push walker collapsed on him and he went in to it face first. He looks a little bit like Cousin Ty in this pic.

This is a self portrait.